The Customer Data Solution

Customer Data Storage

Customer data can’t be actionable unless you can access it securely and easily within the other tools in your marketing ecosystem. Via pre-built connectors and APIs, the Janrain Customer Identity Management platform can connect your customer data with the ESPs, DMPs and personalization engines that power your marketing ecosystem. Our Customer Insights tool allows you to create rich customer segments for targeted, actionable marketing.

Our experience integrating with enterprise-class solutions and our extensive partner relationships ensure you can take action on your data when and where you need it.

How the Janrain Platform Helps

  • Profile Data Storage
    Collect, store and manage customer profile data from registration forms, third-party data from social login, and additional data from data append services. Manage rights and encumbrances of different data assets, to use for personalization in different channels. Sync customer data from internal systems into a unified customer profile, and integrate with front-end and back-end tools.  Learn More »
  • Customer Insights
    Visualize and manipulate your customer profile data to build customer segments. Export segments and integrate into other marketing systems for targeting and personalization. Add custom data assets into dashboards and reports.  Learn More »
  • Registration
    Collect valuable first-party and third-party data through registration forms. Data is highly accurate and high quality. Flexible configurations to make data assets required or optional, and to collect additional data points over multiple interactions.  Learn More »
  • Social Login
    Offer social login to collect third-party data assets from social networks and other identity providers. Collect data from multiple social identities, and map into a single customer profile record. Manage rights and encumbrances of social login data to be compliant with all third party terms and conditions.  Learn More »
  • User-Generated Content
    Build customer data assets through user-generated content experiences. Gate engagement experiences with registration, to drive data collection from customers. Add engagement data into the customer profile for additional data to create segmentation and personalization.  Learn More »
  • Single Sign-On
    Unify customer profile data across multiple websites, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. Allow your customer to stay logged in while navigating across your ecosystem in order to maintain a central data store for customers.  Learn More »
  • Integrations
    Multiple integration methods to move customer profile data throughout your marketing technology infrastructure. No limits on amount of data stored, number of transfers, or system connections.  Learn More »