Do you really know your customer?

Success in Marketing today requires relationship and engagement with the customer. But that’s much easier said than done. Authenticity is required, and that’s difficult when creating content for an archetype. Identity is the key to engagement. So how do you really know who your customer is?

It all starts with recognition.

You pass by people on the street every day without speaking with them. But if someone you recognize says hello, you would stop and share a brief conversation. That works online as well. Recognizing your customers is the first step toward personalizing your interactions.

Meet Lisa.

Lisa is a real person, and not just an anonymous visitor to your website. Lisa is a potential customer. Your journey toward delivering Lisa a personalized experience starts with her identifying herself. On her phone, on her tablet, and on her computer. Janrain makes it easy for Lisa to login or register on your site across all these devices.

Who is Lisa?

Just like all of us, Lisa can be described in many ways. She’s female. She lives in Chicago, is 34 years old, married, a mother of two and works as an accountant. Knowing this about her can help you tailor her interactions with your brand.

What does Lisa like?

Of course, Lisa is more than simple demographics. She has interests and values. In her case, she loves Broadway shows, exercises daily, considers herself religious, and will admit to a late night raid of the freezer for a bowl of ice cream at least a few times a week.

What does Lisa do?

Lisa likes to shop online, but loves a bargain and almost always takes advantage of offers and promotions. She’s also likely to click on any email that has some kind of fun element to it – a sweepstakes or link to a funny video. She likes brand pages on Facebook, but will complain about brand service on Twitter.

Now you know Lisa. What's next?

Imagine what your marketing efforts could look like if Lisa shared all these details with you. That’s where Janrain comes in. We help you acquire and recognize customers across all digital devices, and collect accurate customer profile data to personalize marketing initiatives.

Data-driven marketing that works.

When you understand who Lisa is, there are countless opportunities to have intelligent, meaningful interactions with her. You can do things like send customized emails, promote products she’s likely to buy, suggest editorial content that’s of interest to her, wish her a Happy Birthday, and so much more!

Really know your customers.

You no longer need to assume a person is female because of pages visited, wonder if her email address is valid, or infer characteristics based on a past purchase. Because with Janrain, we’ll help you collect highly accurate profile data that delivers insight into your customer segments.

Choosing Janrain was the right choice for our business needs today and they'll take us where we want to go in the future.

- Lee Hammond, Interscope Records

45% of consumers are willing to share personal information in order to receive relevant and useful ads

Source: IPG Mediabrands + Microsoft