Social Login

Let your website and mobile visitors easily register and log in with their existing social network and email identities from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and more than 30 other providers. Improve registration rates by 50% and open the door to collecting rich permission-based customer profile data.


Deploy a comprehensive registration solution that includes everything you need to acquire and recognize customers on your site and mobile apps – from sign-up forms and login workflows to password management, account creation flows, field validation rules, profile management pages and more.

Profile Data Storage

Automatically collect, store and manage demographic, psychographic and behavioral customer profile data in a flexible, powerful cloud database. Easily visualize, segment and update customer profiles to enable true personalized marketing.

Single Sign-On

Enable your customers to register or log in once, and effortlessly navigate across your ecosystem of sites without needing to log in again. Improve the user experience on your network of sites by securely syncing the login state across domains.

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content

Create and amplify user-generated content with a suite of social features that includes social sharing, comments, social activity feeds, live chat, and curated social content.

Customer Insights

Gain deep insights into social login trends, activities, and social sharing metrics. Transform your personalization and targeting strategies with beautiful dashboards that enable you to visualize and segment customer profile data.