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Press Releases

April 2, 2014

Janrain Introduces Customer Insights to Give Marketers Powerful Segmentation Capabilities

Janrain announced the next generation of its Customer Profile Management platform, featuring a new Customer Insights dashboard that helps companies know their customers and personalize their marketing programs. The interactive tool aggregates demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data so that marketers can visualize and segment their customers in new ways.

March 7, 2014

Janrain Key Partner in New Cox Media Group Mobile App Giving SXSW Visitors and Central Texas Residents a New Entertainment Tool

Janrain and Cox Media Group today announced the launch of the Austin360 app, a product of the Cox-owned Austin American-Statesman news organization providing residents and visitors with a comprehensive and customizable resource for the area’s best events, venues, restaurants and nightlife. The innovative app uses Janrain’s customer management platform to simplify and unify the experience for users across devices, media properties and more, while giving Cox and the Statesman comprehensive insight to create better personalization and more targeted outreach.

January 14, 2014

National Study Shows Consumers Abandon Brands Online Out of Frustration with Mistargeting

Janrain announced the results of their 4th annual consumer survey, a Social Login and Personalization study that reveals 96% of consumers acknowledge having received mistargeted promotional information. While mistargeting may not be new, the alarming finding is that as a result, 94% have taken steps to break off communication, including automatically deleting emails, unsubscribing from lists and never visiting the site again. Simultaneously, 88% of consumers have encountered social login- the use of an existing ID from a social network such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. for registration—with more than half (51%) using it to register and login to other sites. Yet while the vast majority of online consumers (91%) are satisfied with social login, and most report a preference for personalized communication, brands have yet to seize the opportunity to improve online marketing as a result of the data they can collect in the social login process.

Janrain In the News

January 17, 2014

GOOGbye, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers

The same trend is accelerating outside of Google-owned properties. Janrain reported that 35 percent of social login on third-party services is occurring via Google Accounts. This is no doubt helped by the growth of Android and consumer fear that logging in with Facebook will lead to sharing of information with their friends.... Read More »